Jambb: Comedy Collectibles

At Jambb, I am a contract designer responsible for marketing & brand imagery on our site, ads, and social accounts.

I create both still and animated content as part of our marketing team, using a variety of tools—including Figma, Sketch, Canva, Procreate, and Photoshop.

I was also responsible for creating a number of re-usable elements for our marketing design library, which helped make our marketing designs more consistent and let us react quickly when we needed new content.

The Mixed Six: Branding a podcast

This project presented an interesting and unique challenge. Built around the personalities of the hosts and their beer list on each episode, illustration turned out to be the best way to sell the brand.

Early designs focused on the beer and drinking angle, but after some discussion we decided that it didn't distinguish itself well enough. The clients thought that a version featuring their faces would be better, but wanted to keep it illustrated and fun feeling.

Other brands

I've also tackled a number of smaller branding projects for individual products or sites. Reach out to me for more details!